"Why do you pray the Rosary? or Why don't you?"

By Wally Arida, Publisher and editor-in-chief

Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and praying the Rosary is one of the cornerstone traditions of our Catholic faith. If you're a cradle Catholic like myself, you've been exposed to this prayer since you were a child. Many Catholic prayer groups are focused around the Holy Rosary. It's recited at funerals and many other special events. When Catholics get together for prayer, chances are we start reciting the rosary.

Matt Smith offers a great article explaining his devotion to this prayer. Click here to read, "For People Who Can't Stand the Rosary." We ask you to read it and then share your thoughts with us.

But do you really get it? If you're one of the passionate advocates for praying the rosary, can you help others understand why you do it and how it has made you closer to God? Do you really feel a personal connection with God when you pray the rosary? How does praying the rosary help you communicate with God better?

Share your thoughts with us. Why do you pray the Rosary? Or why don't you?


Thank you for Fr. Roberto Mena, ST

Gracias por la bella página del Padre Mena.
Quisiera mantener el contacto con él.
Thanks for the nice webpage of Father Mena.
I would like to maintain contact with him.
~ Padre Jorge Toussaint,Guatemala


"Can a Catholic be a Democrat?"

I saw this blog and I thought I should share it with you all so we can have some fun and talk about the things that really make us Catholic. I am publishing it in its entirety. Now, tell me whether you agree with the author or not. And why? This should be interesting. Post a comment at the end of the article. Fire away!
~ Wally arida, Publisher and Editor in chief

Can a Catholic be a Democrat?
January 10, 2007 01:00 PM EST

I was recently given a book called " Can a Catholic be a Democrat?" To tell you the truth, I probably won't read the book (although I hear good things about it), because it's bound to be 220 pages of "no."

Is this a question that really needs asking, "can a devout Catholic be a faithful Democrat?" I think we all know the answer. The Church has 5 non-negotiable issues. Any candidate that supports these issues cannot be supported or voted for by a Catholic, simple as that. To do so would be a sin. What are these five non-negotiable issues? To list them off sounds like one is reading the Democratic platform: embryonic stem cell research, gay marriage, abortion, euthanasia, and human cloning.

Notice the absence of "war for oil," the death penalty, and tax cuts.

The Dems have continued to support embryonic stem cell research, despite the fact that it has yet to show any hint of promise for curing diseases, because it furthers their baby-killing agenda. Life is cheap to liberals, and to create any benefit from the destruction of unborn life is to further prop up their barbaric need for what is ultimately the "right" to promiscuous, risk-free sex (aka, abortion).

The Dems have shown again and again that, against the will of the US public, they will support gay marriage with every ounce of effort they posses. Many feel gay marriage cost John Kerry the 2004 election. Dems have no respect for the institution of marriage and will sell it out to any and every gay, bigamist, or animal lover that will give them a vote.

As far as abortion goes, the Dems have religiously protected this "right" (and that's about the only thing they'll do religiously) since the first woman was "forced" to kill her unborn child with a coat hanger. The Dems put this issue above all else, and will not budge on it. They flat-out support the murder of unborn children.

The Dems showed us all a while back that euthanasia wasn't just a dream of theirs when they had Terri Schiavo starved to death against her mother and father's wishes. Adding to the "can a Democrat be a Catholic" argument, they wouldn't even allow a dieing Schiavo a measly crumb of Holy Eucharist.

Can a Catholic be a Democrat? Sure. But will that Dem be a Catholic in way other than name? Certainly not. The Democratic party's platform is almost in complete contradiction to the teachings of the Catholic faith (with the exception, perhaps, of Catholic Social Teaching, which fits perfectly due to it's heavy borrowing from Socialism). All five of the Catholic church's non-negotiable issues seem to be taken directly from the Democratic party's platform. To vote Democrat is, in almost all cases, wrong and against Church teachings. "Catholic" politicians such as Nancy Pelosi (D, CA) and Jennifer Granholm (D, MI) should be excommunicated for their support of abortion.

Can a devout Catholic be a faithful Democrat? Absolutely not!

Shane Carey is a writer at the conservative news blog,

Watched the story on TBN

Interesting! What a great story you have there. And you interview well -- you did us proud in that video.
~ Ben Nepomuceno from San Diego, CA

Editor's note: Click here to read the article and view the video


"Your testimony is indeed inspiring!"

(Editor's Note: This is in response to the article about ParishWorld "From Guns to God" that appeared in the January 2007 issue of Kerygma Family Magazine. Click here to view the article. Click here to view the video "From Guns to God - The Story" that aired on the Trinity Broadcasting Network last Jan. 3, 2007.)

Hi wally,

I just read your article. Praise God!!! Your testimony is indeed inspiring. It was like looking into a mirror. It gives Hope! I also had my own journey in the dessert. And this particular verse led me out of it.

The Lord has redeemed his servant Jacob. They did not thirst when he led them through the desert. He made water flow from them from the rock. He split the rock and water gushed forth. - Isaiah 48:20-22

And I tried to put my name in there instead of Jacob. The Lord has redeemed Appie. The Lord has redeemend Appie. And I smiled. :-)

There is nothing like finding that God's words come alive. And I realized that this verse was written in past tense. Meaning, this word has already happened. And if it has happened before, because God is God, it can happen again.

Then it made me think about my thirst (like you) and all those who are thirsty. And my hardened heart and all those whose hearts have been hardened. And say the words again...

They did not thirst when he led them through the desert.

God led them through the desert. They did not thirst because God led them through. I realized then that when I am in my own desert, I thirst because I do not let God lead me through. I take matters into my own hands. But what a delightful promise it is that when God is the one who leads us through the desert WE WILL NOT THIRST. And there's more! He did the impossible.

He made water flow from them from the rock. He split the rock and water gushed forth.

How many walls can God break and let something flow? How many times did he break me and let my tears flow? Sometimes, I realized, it's in the breaking that I found what quenches. It's in the breaking where I founnd what soothed me.

And it is indeed, in the desert where I found God.

Thank you God for leading me. :) Amen.

- end of sharing -


~ Appie Ramos