Glad to switch to ParishWorld

"I have been getting good comments about our parish website from I am very glad we made the switch."
- Fr. Dennis Diehl, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Fulton, MD


Prolific and powerful

Keep up the great work, Wally. You are not only prolific in your writing, but powerful.

- Wes Schaeffer


Thank you and may God bless.

My parish is St Dorothy in Glendora CA and I have sent the link of ParishWorld to family and friends, and I really think they have enjoyed the site too. I really do enjoy the weekly e-mail from Parishworld. Thank you and may God bless.

JoAnn Chavez


Proud of our parish website

Many thanks for your many efforts on our behalf and for your support of Ernie in all of his incredible efforts. I am confident that our new website will be something we can take much pride in.


Fr. Ray Benoit
Saint Margaret Parish
Lowell, MA


Thank you for

One Happy Family
By Corazon B.

Just wanted you to know how happy my family is since I started receiving Catholic Living Today email every week from ParishWorld. It became easier for me and my husband to talk about the Mass readings and gospel on Sundays to our children, which we normally discuss during dinner after we hear Mass. We require our kids, especially our teenage daughter to listen carefully to the homily for purposes of discussion at dinnertime. This encourages our kids to be attentive and really pray during the mass. If they didn't clearly understand the priest, we are able to explain further to them because of the emails that I receive every Friday. Thank you for


We enjoy Parish World!

God bless you for your wonderful apostolate. We enjoy Parish World!

Sister Agnes
Sacred Heart Kids' Club


What If This Is Your Last Lent?

By The Catholic Truth Lay Apostolate

How would you react if you were told that this was your last Lent before facing God’s judgment?

Would you take a closer look at your life and search more thoroughly for areas needing improvement? Would you spend some extra time in prayer each day? Would you examine your conscience every evening, making sure all of your actions were Christ-like? Would you make it a point to receive the sacrament of Confession?

If this was your final opportunity to repent before facing death, would you do anything differently? The Church gives us this great season of repentance to look at our lives and make changes. There is no guarantee that we’ll ever have another chance.

In a few weeks, we’ll celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord. Why not use the remainder of Lent to make sure you’re ready for that celebration…or your judgment before Almighty God.


"Thank you for all your hard work."

Hermie Abrigo
Allstate Insurance Company
Moreno Valley, CA

Always a pleasure

Just wanted to say thank you for everything you guys have done and everything that you did today! It is always a pleasure to speak to you and work with you guys. I must say that this morning I came in feeling a little under the weather, but after working with you guys this morning you have inspired me and lifted up my spirits...thanks again for all you do!!! :-)


Celia Hernandez
Our Lady of Perpetual Help
45-299 Deglet Noor
Indio, CA 92201