HalluJah! Yes !!! I finally found after all this time where I can write an edifying letter to the editor. I am very thankful for all of the work,fun,and inspiration found in, with,and through `ParishWorld`. I being raised *cradle Catholic*, studying theology throughout a short but intensive time many years ago,than of course seeking adventure by reading some other heavy writings.......Have finally arrived at a SAFE SHORE!!! Yes all Praises be to our Heavenly Father,His Only Begotten Son Jesus,and The Presence of Life,Holy Ghost(The Breath of God) for this written reflection known as *ParishWorld.Net !!!
almost a Theophany!! Br.Phil Bara


Pray for my Nephew Mike Morales

Pray for my Nephew Mike Morales who has been fighting cancer for the last 4 years, he is 23 years old. He continued the fight as he was hopeful, and because he was on research medication for his rare type of cancer. He wanted to help others if he could. He is the most unselfish individual. He has been through so many surgeries and is now only 120 lbs in weight. He tried his last research medication after having surgery to clear his lungs which had filled with fluid. He decided to come off the medication and live the rest of his life as comfortable as possible. He went to Disneyland with his family, his mother and 2 brothers, thanks to the Moon Angels who help those with cancer and making their wishes come true. Thank you to the West Covina Police and Sheriff's departments for making his wish of flying in a helicopter come true. They are the most amazing individuals who care about people. It is nice to know people like that take care of us every day. Keep Mikey at peace with God, he is ready to meet his maker, if that is what God choses for him. Pray for his Mother and Brothers to keep strong. Love you Mikey.

From your Familia Espinoza, Aunts, Uncles, & cousins.