Psalm 27:1-14. Deliver me not unto the desires of my enemies. False accusers have risen up against me.Many are they that are cruel to me.
I would have failed, yet I believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. So ! I am telling you again; “Wait on the Lord, be of good confidence and courage. The Lord will strengthen you in all ways, wait and trust in the Lord God, our Father.”

In life there are many moments when our understanding of events fails us. No matter how much we attempt to gain insight about an event, or a series of circumstances, we just cannot determine the reasons why, or the outcome of them all.
God, our Heavenly Father, comprehends all of these events, though. Our Heavenly Father perceives the entire puzzle of Life. He cares about each individual piece, bit by bit.

An example of this care that our God has for our lives occurred in the late 1600’s.  During those days of ‘Early American Settlement’ there was cruel hostility between the Native Tribes, and the European travelers who were settling here in this *New Found Land*.  One case is documented in the annals of settlers' history. There was a Native Tribe’s male child who was captured by the ‘visitors from Europe,’  was taken to Europe, and displayed in a cage. Many of the "civilized" people of the cities would go and gawk, poke, and laugh, at this *Savage from the Americas*.
The boy during this parade had no understanding of what this was all about.
As time moved forward the Native grew and was able to escape the cruelty of these people.
He escaped to refuge in a monastery filled with non-judgmental, loving, and Christ centered men and women.  The man learned English, began reading, and studying the Scriptures. The man had identified with one major character of the New Testament Gospels. The character was Jesus, the son of Mary and Joseph, the Christ. This *Savage from America* had encountered the Love of our Savior, and how He was beaten and nailed to a cross, yet forgave those who did such terrible harm to Him.      After years of being away from his motherland, the Native returned to the North Eastern section of land, today known as the USA.  Upon arriving he heard and observed the troubles that were rampant here among the ‘Settlers’ and ‘Tribal People’. The settlers were having trouble raising crops for food.
Starvation and malnutrition was breaking out and in evidence everywhere.  Among the Natives an anti-settler rage was also growing and resulted in torture, animosity, and all out war became the norm of the time.
Worse could have occurred !!!  If not for this Native. This Indian who had experienced the Grace of God in his life, began to represent the two sides of this human battlefield. Stepping forth with a Confident Boldness that only Faith in God can give. This man spoke to the Tribal Indians and to the Settlers, about how a ‘Man’ named Jesus, forgave, loved, and brought Peace to all. The words of agreement began to draw both sides of the battling peoples together in Peace. The Influence of Christ shone throughout the Land. Sharing of knowledge of how to grow crops became more common and aided the settlers. The knowledge of the colonists was also shared with the Native People. *Peace at last*
There is in this month the celebration of memorial to this Day of Peace.  The date on the calendar is November 22, also known as **Thanksgiving Day**!!

In reading the above we are also brought to remember the Scripture *Romans 8:28* !!!
In Thanksgiving to All University Students, Everywhere !!!!
                                                                                     Br. Phil Bara