"Do we grow more in our faith when times are tough or when times are good?"

By Wally Arida

Here's someting we want you to reflect on. We go through peaks and valleys in our lives. That's just the way life is.

There are those of you who found God when you hit rock bottom. Just when you thought no one was around to help, you realize God was the only one who was with you all the time - helping you along the rough trail. And you come back to the Church. You begin attending Mass every Sunday, looking to God for personal strength.

And there are those of you who are very fortunate in life. You have a nice job, good health, a loving family. You feel your life is blessed. You turn to God all the time with your strong faith. You thank God and praise Him as the reason for your good fortune. You're devout in your faith.

We have all hit rock bottom and we have all been well blessed at some point in our lives.

Now reflect on this question, "Do we grow more in our faith when times are tough or when times are good?" Think about it and how this has applied to your life. Were you stronger in your belief in God when all hope seems lost? Or were you stronger in your belief when all is moving extremely well.

Share you stories with us. Bless us with your stories of survival and with your stories of thanksgiving. And tell us when you think your faith was stronger.


What is Church teaching on chain letters?

I have a question regarding chain letters. What is the official stand of the Catholic Church on this? Although the content may be good and worth sharing, I just don't like the way its being propagated. Meaning, if I/you don't send it something bad might happen to you or your loved ones. I don't think Mama Mary, God or Jesus works that way. Do this or do that or else attitude.

Again as I said most if not of the content of chain letters such as this is worth sharing I just don't like the pressure or the " or else " attitude towards it.

Your comments is highly appreciated.

Octave Cantos


Our finger is on the Catholic pulse

I began subscribing to ParishWorld this past year and look forward to its arrival every week. You always seem to have your finger on the pulse of what Catholics need to think and talk about.


Frank Tobin
Frank Tobin Public Relations
Catholics in Media Associates (CIMA)


Coming Late at Mass

I would like to have this go out to the parishoners that are constantly late to mass. They seem to be the same people every time. Please know that you are disturbing the people that make the effort to get there on time. The ushers try to hold these people back until the readings are done. However one usher told us that it doesn't do any good. People will just go ahead and disturb everyone else in the aisles to get at a seat. I'm sure you take the time to get to a family function on time. Try and respect the mass to get to God on time !
~ Anonymous parish member


Reader wants to post pictures

Just a thought that it may be a nice idea to have a section on the webiste for folks to submit pictures of events going on around the parish, such at the 50th anniversary celebration, or the carnival.
~ Dave Molloy

Border fence is not the answer

Fence at the border between the U.S. and Mexico is not the solution to the problem. So says the Rev. Larry Snyder, President of Catholic Charities of America. The Reverend requests that we enact fair and comprehensive immigration reform.

The reveredn is right, the fence is not the answer.

The reverend is also wrong, legislation is not the answer. We have laws in this country concerning immigration and concerning the steps to take to prevent and to rectify the illegal act of entering the country. The problem is not with the criminals who are crossing The border. It is with the criminals who do not apply and enforce the laws that they are elected to uphold concerning these matters, and plenty of others.

It is criminally immoral to take an oath to uphold the laws of a country which bills itself as a democracy of the people, by the people and for the people, and then ignore those laws, and indeed even aid and abet the behavior of the very perpetrators of illegal acts.

I therefore ask the reverend, "what makes you think that the abdication and dereliction of duty of the present politicians will not continue despite whatever other legislation might replace the laws that we presently have? I have absolutely no hope. Their vices are altogether too deeply engrained.


Welcome to ParishWorld, Fr. Mena !!

Father, I want to say AMEN! AMEN! y AMEN! I am happy that you are on tv, radio, and now the internet... There are a lot of people who dont go to church, now with you on the Radio, TV, and the Internet, they will hear the word of the lord... Gracias Padre.
- Paul from Our Lady of Victory.