What is Church teaching on chain letters?

I have a question regarding chain letters. What is the official stand of the Catholic Church on this? Although the content may be good and worth sharing, I just don't like the way its being propagated. Meaning, if I/you don't send it something bad might happen to you or your loved ones. I don't think Mama Mary, God or Jesus works that way. Do this or do that or else attitude.

Again as I said most if not of the content of chain letters such as this is worth sharing I just don't like the pressure or the " or else " attitude towards it.

Your comments is highly appreciated.

Octave Cantos

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Wally Arida, Publisher said...

Hello, Octave. We thought we should really explain this well because many people are baffled like yourself. So we published your question as a Burning Question. Go to, then follow the links to Burning Question of the Week and you will find a very lengthy discussion about your question. Thank you and God bless.
~ Editor