Coming Late at Mass

I would like to have this go out to the parishoners that are constantly late to mass. They seem to be the same people every time. Please know that you are disturbing the people that make the effort to get there on time. The ushers try to hold these people back until the readings are done. However one usher told us that it doesn't do any good. People will just go ahead and disturb everyone else in the aisles to get at a seat. I'm sure you take the time to get to a family function on time. Try and respect the mass to get to God on time !
~ Anonymous parish member

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Anonymous said...

I completly agree!
I too am disturbed by late comers. When I was growing up Catholic, I was taught that if you didn't make Mass in time for ALL the readings, then wait for the next Mass to start. There should be a meeting with the ushers to tell these people to wait, at least until the readings are finished.
These late people are also the ones who have no problem walking in front of everyone. Like they are proud they are late. What's sad is that a lot of these same people leave right after Communion, like there is something more important they must get to "on time". But Mass isn't on their "on time" list.