Oh !! October, the month of the Harvest celebrations, and Oktoberfest, and of course, Halloween.
Every year at this time people hang webs, bats, bones, and ghosts in there every nook and cranny.  This is good, I guess !!   Yet there is an origin to this eve of separation, or hallowedness if you prefer.
The evening activity actually began during the pre-Christian days with a few groups of people known as the Druids, and the Celts, of North-Western Europe. Most inhabiting the Isles of Great Britain. On this evening, usually around the full Moon, the Druids believed that a lord of Evil and Darkness, Saman would summon all his followers together to cause mayhem in the villages.  To ward off the "attack" of the evil ones, the Druids would light fires, both large and small, get dressed in animal hides with masks, and make music to dance.
This was done to rid the village and its surrounding area of the ghosts, and evil spirits.
The other side of the Island was where a similar, yet different tribe of people, the Celts, would gather in large dancing circles. They believed that the lost souls, the forgotten ones, and the ghosts of people past , would travel around seeking rest in homes, trees, and persons.
The Catholic Church began to tell these clans about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, yet the people
still desired the celebration of the harvest feasts during this  time of year. The Church using Wisdom decided to make November 1st, a feast day.  This harmonized with the celebrations that the villagers of other European societies of the time held, and not only in Great Britain.

The original intent of the practices of the early people has long left the scene in our part of the world.  The transformation into a time of costumes, games, fun, or activities has greatly eliminated the spiritistic element of the occasion.
I prefer to tell of a Ghost, a Spirit, a Person, Who is far greater than all the ghosts, goblins, hauntings, and other specters of this time of "Hallowed Evening" who were feared by our ancestors.  This Ghost has existed since the Beginning, is Now, and always will Be. This Person is known by many Names, all of them pointing to the Divine Purpose.  Some of these Names are: The Reality of God’s Presence, Advocate, Comforter, Guide, Counselor, Protector, Leading Light, the Restoring Breath, Source of Eternal Life, and Holy Ghost. The names, Holy Spirit, Spirit of Christ, and Ghost of Glory, have also been added as time proceeded.
Throughout the history of the Catholic Christian Church there have been many occurrences when the "Holy Ghost of God’s Glory" (Shekinah) has manifested Himself.
In the Book of the Acts of the Apostles, on the day of Pentecost, there was a  mighty rushing Wind. The "Presence of God" descended upon the believers of Jesus Christ, as they were assembled in prayer.  At that moment He also made them his Temple wherein to dwell.  This monumental moment began the era of bold sharing of the Truth of Jesus Christ, as the Resurrected King. The Hours of the Good News of Salvation, Evangelization of the World, and the Reality of the Kingdom of God had begun.
The once timid now became as bold as ‘Lions,’ filled with Power from God.
Today,  approximately 2012 years later this Holy Comforter, Spirit of Christ, Holy Ghost, is still very active changing lives, healing dis-ease, and giving Life to many who request in prayer.
"He makes holy the souls of the just by His presence. But a Spirit is not present in the sense of taking up space. We say a Spirit is present wherever it causes an effect. In the soul, the Holy Spirit transforms it, making it basically capable of taking in, after death, the infinite streams of knowledge and love that flow within the Holy Trinity. Thus we are really "sharers in the divine nature" (2 Peter 1:4). This is a dignity so great that any earthly honor is insignificant beside it."
[Rev. William G. Most]
During this month of ghosts, goblins, bats, and other scary things, lets also focus and remind ourselves that there is a Ghost that is Holy.  The One who Comforts, Protects, Guides, and Loves us.
Not only during the month of October, but throughout all the year, even Eternally !!!
                                            “Fear Not, for I am with Thee !!”
                                                                                            Br. Phil Bara
                            “Come Holy Ghost, and Refresh the Hearts of Your People !!”