Divorced and wanting Communion

This is a question both my Mother and I have had since we began attending St. Mel’s Church in November 2010.  We are so excited to be back in the Church and I can honestly say that on Christmas Eve I felt so loved and welcomed.  It was a wonderful service as they all are.

Question:  My mother was excommunicated from the Catholic Faith when she divorced my father some 41 years ago.  She has since been remarried for 37 years to a great man.  I’m not sure if the circumstance of her divorce is relevant.  She has not received the sacrament of the Eucharist since her excommunication.  Is there something she can do to change that decision?  She would like to be able to receive the Eucharist as it would allow her to feel a bigger part of the Parish Community.

As for myself, I too recently suffered through a divorce and I believe that until I confess/repent, I am not allowed to receive the Eucharist.

Please forgive me if my facts are incorrect.  I’ve tried to keep this simple and to the point.  Thank you for reading this e-mail!