“Caritas Christi urget nos.”
Caritas Christi Urget Nos mean 'The Love of Christ Urges us On. The Apostle Paul states that he was held like a vise by the grip of the Love of Jesus Christ.The Omnipotent grip of Love of the Hand of God. The love of Jesus Christ holds us wherever we are. The Presence of God
is the Hand of our Loving Father Creator, the Palm of the Hand of the Source of Life.
We like babies are held tenderly with Merciful care. Yes !! We are the children of God, in reality, for the many times of His Protection proves this. His protection is a signed agreement. An agreement that has been purchased by, and signed with the Precious Blood of His Son Jesus Christ. Our responsibility is that we align ourselves
to His written Word, causing this Word to become “Rhema” or the Living Word.
Every *Blessing* that our King Jesus Christ purchased for us is available!!! Yes!! Available!!
Today, at this moment we can receive, cause to be reality, the Protecting Provisions of our Eternal Loving Father,His Son Jesus, and The Holy Ghost-The Provider of Comfort.
Stress about our interests, self-pity, worry, and fears, cause us to misalign our position.
The misalignment many times causes the *Blessings* to be misplaced, misused, and even missed.
Thanksgiving by prayer is a great aligning instrument. His Grace, and Steadfast Love, is fresh every morning, this is also an infinite supply of Mercy. There are many
scriptures that prove this Truth. 2 Corinthians 9:8, and Ephesians 3:20, are just two that will “open our eyes” and give us encouragement in having an *Attitude of Gratitude*
also known as *Thanksgiving* !!!
                                                                                       Br.Phil Bara