"Is God Father or Mother?"

Do you agree with "Why God is Father and Not Mother" by Mark Brumley?
Posted by Wally Arida, Publisher

In this article, he writes:

"The Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man" is how the 19th century liberal Protestant theologian Adolph Harnack once summarized the Christian faith. Nowadays Harnack would find his brand of reductionist religion dismissed as hopelessly sexist and exclusive by many feminist theologians. The "brotherhood of man" might be reworked into "the family of humanity" or its equivalent.

But what would they do about the Fatherhood of God? Can we replace the allegedly "sexist" language of Divine Fatherhood with so-called gender-inclusive or gender-neutral terms such as Father/Mother or Heavenly Parent without further ado?

Many people–including some Catholics–say "yes." "We not only can," they contend, "we must. God is, after all, beyond gender. Calling God ‘Father’, without adding that God is also Mother, unfairly exalts one image for God above all others and ignores the culturally conditioned nature of all our images of God," they argue.

What do you think? Is God a Father or a Mother? Join this discussion and let's turn this intriguing topic inside out. I'm sure at the end of the day we will have learned something enlightening about our Catholic faith and how we can apply it to our daily lives.
Now let's go have some fun with this baby. Post your comments today.


Liked the editorial

I also liked your other editorial about whether we are better Catholics or find God/Jesus more in difficult times of our lives. It is wonderful that even when you were sick you didn't give up on serving the Lord by writing and publishing. That is a beautiful role model. Thank you and best wishes for your publication.
- CB


St. Valentine's Day and the Sacred Heart of Jesus

St. Valentine's Day is such a perfect day to think about our number one Valentine, Jesus, symbolized in the Sacred Heart of Jesus. When we reflect on the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we are reminded of Jesus's warm love for us, never ending, always waiting for us to express our love for Him and others. Jesus, the King of all Hearts, has a special burning love for us, that no human can ever contain or share in the same way. This love of Jesus reaches us in our depths of despair, when we care for others, or when we least expect to feel the love of our Dear Savior and Friend. On this St. Valentine's Day let us think of Jesus as our Valentine and try to think of something special we can do for Him to express wonderful selfless and giving love. Thank you for all you do for Jesus and God Bless YOU!
~ Carla