"Do we grow more in our faith when times are tough or when times are good?"

By Wally Arida

Here's someting we want you to reflect on. We go through peaks and valleys in our lives. That's just the way life is.

There are those of you who found God when you hit rock bottom. Just when you thought no one was around to help, you realize God was the only one who was with you all the time - helping you along the rough trail. And you come back to the Church. You begin attending Mass every Sunday, looking to God for personal strength.

And there are those of you who are very fortunate in life. You have a nice job, good health, a loving family. You feel your life is blessed. You turn to God all the time with your strong faith. You thank God and praise Him as the reason for your good fortune. You're devout in your faith.

We have all hit rock bottom and we have all been well blessed at some point in our lives.

Now reflect on this question, "Do we grow more in our faith when times are tough or when times are good?" Think about it and how this has applied to your life. Were you stronger in your belief in God when all hope seems lost? Or were you stronger in your belief when all is moving extremely well.

Share you stories with us. Bless us with your stories of survival and with your stories of thanksgiving. And tell us when you think your faith was stronger.


Nancy from Las Vegas said...

My faith became stronger when I went through a life crisis. Jesus picked me up and helped me become stronger n my faith. He reminded me that He will always be there with me.

taritz said...

Its quite too obvious, yet sad that only when we are in need, then that's the time we remember GOD. I am one of the guilty ones. But, guess what, in the midst of our weariness and oblivion, HE ramains on the watch. I have recently known that for a fact. I believe that we need to know our faith and keep it strong, in good times or otherwise, then HE would always be our ROCK.