What If This Is Your Last Lent?

By The Catholic Truth Lay Apostolate

How would you react if you were told that this was your last Lent before facing God’s judgment?

Would you take a closer look at your life and search more thoroughly for areas needing improvement? Would you spend some extra time in prayer each day? Would you examine your conscience every evening, making sure all of your actions were Christ-like? Would you make it a point to receive the sacrament of Confession?

If this was your final opportunity to repent before facing death, would you do anything differently? The Church gives us this great season of repentance to look at our lives and make changes. There is no guarantee that we’ll ever have another chance.

In a few weeks, we’ll celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord. Why not use the remainder of Lent to make sure you’re ready for that celebration…or your judgment before Almighty God.

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Anonymous said...

It's a scary question. Would God forgive me of my sins if He knew I was being sorry just because it was my last chance? I pray to God for strength to reform my life beginning this Lent.