Never had a better read or a more wonderful time!

As I awoke ( for who knows what reason) at 3 am this morning, I decided to really give ParishWorld Magazine a real hard look and read. It is now 5:30 AM and I have never had a better read or a more delightful time! What a wonderful magazine. It is my hope that our parish family will make use of this very special gift from you and your staff to really get to know the inner workings of parish life and be encouraged and catechized by the information available to us. The many changes the Church has experienced over these past years have not always ( and sometimes never) really been explained to us. As a cradle Catholic of 73 years, I find each day a new learning experience in my faith. Our new mag. has given me much food for thought and I look forward to future issues. Bless you for paying attention to that whisper from the Lord and undertaking this project utilizing your Godgiven talent and gifts.
-- Peggy Powers

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