Catholic Singles Group

I would like to know if there are any type of gatherings for Adult Cathloic singles. I am very interested, I've been widowed for four years now and would like to meet a practicing Catholic single. Thank you.
-- Norma M., Moreno Valley
(Singles for Christ may be a good group for you. It is a very active group with members in many parishes all over the world. I know there is a chapter at St. Catherine in Temecula and another at St. Catherine in Riverside. You may like to check them out. They also have Couples for Christ and Youth for Christ as part of their ministry. Good luck. - Editor)

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Anonymous said...

Try St.Paul the Apostle church in Chino. They have a very active young adult ministry.
God bless and I pray you find what your looking for.

Anonymous said...

there are alot of cathloic young men in prisons across the u.s. who could use words of incouragement. if you know one who is locked up please take the time 2 write or visit. i myself made the journey home while in prison. a wonderful elderly priest who would come to us at howard mcleod prison in atoka okla gave me my 1st confession&communion.if any one knows whom i am refering please post info. i do know he is retired in okla.