"We must be as open as a child"

Shared by Jocelyn of Bonne Lake, WA

This picture was published in a New Orleans newspaper on Sept. 11, 2002. The following is the caption that accompanied the photo:

Amy and Andrew J. DiMaggio Jr. of LaPlace don't have to be told that their 1-year old daughter Anna Maria is special. They get a glimpse of it every day when the toddler walks out to the front yard of her house and begins an animated conversation with the Blessed Mother. "Whenever she is with us in the front yard, she will always stop playing at some point and walk up to our statue of Mary," the DiMaggio said. "In this photo, she was holding her hands up and talking to Mary in her own babble language. We hope that this picture will inspire your readers to remember the words of Jesus who said that to enter the kingdom of heaven we must be as open as a child."

We thought we should share this with our readers. Now ask yourselves this question: "What would you tell the Blesss Virgin Mary if she appeared in front of you and spoke with you?"

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Anonymous said...

I would ask her if her son would ever bring complete peace to our world. Would nations ever get along. And would our religious beliefs ever become just one.