Hoping to have the courage and faith

Dear Wally,

hi!I have watched and I heard about the trials you encountered before you started the parishworld.I hope I can also have the courage and faith that you have.I made a terrible mess in my life.It's maybe because back in the Philippines where I originally came from there are a lot of hopelessness and poverty around.So, I decided to work abroad. I have a missionary visa but I do another job and go to a Methodist church!At first I thought it was just same as our Mass. I took for granted the importance of the Holy Mass.I will go home on July and I promise myself to give importance to it.It's like my soul is dead because I haven't received the Eucharist.Inspite of this, I thank God because he is also going high tech!I have found a Mass on the net.It's in Pennsylvania and I also found the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament on line.I don't know why I tell you about this.It's just I think I need to unload my burden.I'm sorry. Thanks a lot!(especially for reading this novel of mine) :-) More power to your ministry and God bless!

~ Cindy L.

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