Dear Wally,

I believe I met you at LA Congress. I have your cards and info. At our staff meeting this week I reported on what you are offering. There is some interest.

Tonight, Friday I spent time viewing site and even registered. All I can say is WoW. I do hope you contact Fr. Marc Alexander of the Diocese of Honolulu so maybe the whole diocese will jump on this great evangelization service.

From what I saw I am very impressed. I am grateful that I allowed my curiosity to make room for your sharing with me what you offer. Truly the Holy Spirit was setting us up to cross paths. I am passing on more info to my pastor and will share even with our Coordinator of Religious Education and the school. Hopefully St. Anthony parish will take advantage of this fine ministry.God bless you and this ministry abundantly.

I just had to share this with you and do hope this is a beginning of collaborating in the ministry of Evangelization.


Fr. Jim Moran

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