The two most wonderful words in any language. "Thank 
You !!" 

In Psalms 26:7 we find David mentioning the 'Voice
of Thanksgiving.'   In the sound of this soothing sentiment, he as well as we can realize
the many wonderful areas of Life.  It is this sound wave that we feel the many Blessings, Wonders, and the Ever Presence of our Lord Jesus Christ that we forget about during the days, weeks, and years that have gone by.  
St. Paul in Colossians 4:2 states that we should "continue in prayers, and watch with
So lets just take a few seconds and focus on the many Blessings that we have at this
Now that we, in these few short seconds were
 reminded of our many blessings,  lets say "Thank You" to our 
Father God.  Let us raise a chorus of Thanksgiving for the many times, situations and hurts 
that have been diminished by His Love.    

Spices add flavor to foods when used in proper amounts. Likewise 
appreciations and thanksgivings are similar to the 
spices, when used with sincerity and in the proper 

amount.  "Thank you" adds flavor to the communication 
among most living creatures.   An honest 'Thank You' 

will open the 'Heart of Many' for the person saying the
appreciation. One of the yearnings of many is to be
appreciated by others. The two words 'Thank You' can
change lives, heal divisions, and may even transform
the very foundation of future events. Families and many
friendships have been ignited with Love because of a
passionate 'Thank You' said at the right time.
So next time, or even now, go ahead and say two words
"Thank You " and watch what happens.
                                               Br. Phil Bara 

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