Please pray for Daddy Clem who was recently diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas

Please take a moment of silence to pray for Daddy Clem:

Dear Lord,

You know Daddy Clem so much better than we do. You know his sickness and his need. You also know his heart. Lord, we ask you to be with Daddy Clem now, working in his life. Let Your will be done in his life. Lord, we pray for Daddy Clem because Your Word says we should pray for His healing. We believe You hear this earnest prayer from our hearts and that it is powerful because of Your promise. We have faith in You to heal Daddy Clem, but we also trust in the plan you have for his life. Lord, we don't always understand Your ways, and why Daddy Clem has to suffer, but we trust You now. May You be glorified in Daddy Clem's life and also in ours.

Thank you for your prayers,
Friends of the Cruzado and Manila Families

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