Genesis 1:3
 God said “Let there be Light'”. Light was. This Light has been and is placed into every Creature that He has created. Yet mankind throughout the many previous ages, and even now, chosen not to perceive the Light but Darkness instead. This choice of darkness has caused pain, suffering, agony, and destruction of not only mankind but the entire natural order of Creation. The Father Creator with His Wisdom, Knowledge, and infinite Discernment chose to offer a solution to this quagmire of the Cosmos. He became man, shining forth the *Light* so that many would perceive the Light that leads to Freedom. This manifestation of Himself
known as Yeshua, Jesus, is the Light into flesh, The Light of the World. All who trust in Him shall not fall into darkness, but shall have the Light of Life.  The Light with, in, and through our Innermost selves will reveal to us the Darkness, and guide us into the very brightness of His Presence. The many times we are aware of our frailties, imperfections, and areas that need growth, are the many times this Light shines with, in, and through us.
Through our meditations, prayers, obedience in following direction, and our Love of others and nature, causes this Light to Shine more with, in, and through us. We grow in Light also by the meditation, and reading, of the Word of God. Allowing the guidance of the Word to lead us to encourage each other on the road of our Destiny. Yeshua, invites us to enter into the Light as He is the Light. The Omni-Power that dwells with, in, and through us is the Holy Spirit, the same Spirit that created the Light at the *Beginning*.  Our encouraging each other to live alive, in, and with, the Light as our Guide, causes the Darkness to dissipate, and the
Light of Christ, to Shine more and more till the Perfect Day of His Presence.

***this message was encouraged by my *Loving Friend* Ms. Deanna.
   hammered out by me......Br. Phil

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