February *A Day of Love*

February,Ahh!!! The month of hearts,roses,and the expressions of Love.

On the 14th of February, on a day known as ‘Valentines Day’, named after a committed saint, one who spread the message of Love.  Many celebrate by showing to each other an Energy known as ‘Love’.     Now, don’t misunderstand me.   I enjoy candy, the fragrance of flowers, the ‘rush’ of an embrace, and all that !!  Yet, there are 365 days in a year plus 1 more during leap year. More days to express this Energy than just one day in February.  Written in a letter of Paul to the Corinthians is a list of this Energy's attributes that describe this Reality known as Love. This letter is divided into chapters for easier reference.   Chapter 13's verses 4 through 7, contain expressions of Love.   While reading the list I noticed that there are not as many expressions as there are days in a year. So !  With this in mind, we can practice these attributes of Love more than once in a year.  Impossible as some of these qualities may seem to be. The ability to do them is not as challenging as they may seem to be.  Our Creator Father has given us the Power to do them because of the life of His Holy Spirit within us.    As is written in another Scriptural Writing known as ‘Acts of the Apostles’, the Holy Spirit, the 3rd Person of the Holy Trinity has been released to us because of the agreement of The Father, the Son, Jesus, the Christ, and The Spirit of Life. This Spirit of Life is for us who believe in the Birth, Death, and Resurrection of the Son of God, Jesus Christ.
     Throughout history, humans have witnessed the Reality of Love given to them through the Grace of God. Today many rely on the technology of the ‘modern modems.’  This is good because many are motivated,
encouraged, and taught many things because of all the tools of communication.  Yet, the Life giving Energy of Love is not fully realized unless there is a one to one contact of common unity.  Here is a real life example that I had recently:  I had been in a low moment of my walk of Faith.  I read the Word, prayed, e-mailed, attended services, and went for walks surrounded by the natural beauties, attempting to grasp the enthusiasm emanating from all these activities. Yes !  I am and was blessed by these and felt better.  It wasn’t till I had gone to a restaurant with a loving, alive, and encouraging friend that I realized the importance of one to one contact, the sharing of the Energy, called Love. Wow!!  The touch of another human with the proper motives is still the most wonderful sensation of Life.  Keeping our focus on Love, reaching out to another creature of God, with proper intent, and touching another human is an experience that cannot be limited to just one day in
February. As is sung in a song, “What the World Needs Now is Love,Sweet Love," and as the 1st Letter of John, chapter 4:7,8, states ----- “God is Love”!!!!  With this lets keep our motives unselfish, lets Love, and
All year around not just on February 14th !!!!
                                                                                         Br.Phil Bara
                                                                                         St. Christopher’s Catholic Church...

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