Ecclesiastes 1:9, and 3:14-17 

The scriptures that I pondered for this month of March, within this Lenten season.
Time, the man-made measuring system that is supposed to keep everything in order. Gazing at the many events
that are occurring during this measuring system we perceive  that there is a natural rhythm of activity found in all
creation. This I shall call the ‘Triangle of Order’ for the reasons that follow; all creation has (1) Creation...the beginning,
(2) the Preservation... the maturing, sustaining, nurturing stage, and (3) the Destruction...the ending of its form.
This ‘Triangle of Order’ is also rotating in a circular pattern, the ending of one form is the beginning of another, this is known by some as the ‘Circle of Life’.     Concerning mankind, there is a pattern of life that seems not to change.
Disagreeing with the harmony of ‘Natural Order’ is the continual unchanging pattern of the Human Consciousness, or the Behaviour of Mankind. Looking to the Scriptural times of the past we can see that life as a human whole is not that much different now than during those times. Sure we have many technological advances, new ways of doing things that at that time were tedious. Yet the fears, anxieties, pleasures, and basic functions of life are still the same as those of the writings. Terms of survival, health, wealth,and the competitiveness of societies are here found everyday.   This brings to my mind two other very important scriptures which contain an important word known as ‘Now’. Now faith is the substance, and Now is the time of salvation. Many other verses also contain this word ‘Now’ yet for space I only have chosen these two. The meaning of this word ‘Now’ awakens us to the present moment,  not the one before nor the one after. The moment that is now.
Yes, we realize that to capture this moment is almost an impossibility, yet with the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, this impossibility is possible. An example of this, is that during our life when we were excited
about an event to occur time seemed to slow down or even stop.  A great event occurred approximately 2,012 years ago.  Our Lord Jesus Christ nailed to a cross, spoke forth the words “It is Finished.” At that moment the preciousness of ‘Now’ occurred. The B.C. era and the A.D. era of the majority of mankind had begun. The Grace, Mercy, Compassion of our Father Creator, is the ‘Now’ time, known as the Dispensation of Grace. 
In a few days, on March 11th, many will tamper with time. Many will attempt to change the order of events.
Many will move the hands, digitals, and other items that calculate measurements of moment, ahead an hour.
I have a boggling question; “Does this moving forward of ‘time’ really change the Now moment of Natural Harmony?”
This also brings me to ask, “Who is really in command of ‘Time’ ?”  Ahhh !! With this contemplative thought lets
just Trust our Father’s Love, and Enjoy the Present Moment. The Gift that ‘Now’ Is !!!

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