Br. Phil Bara writes:

    Jesus of Nazareth, experienced the most vicious form of torturous execution found during the period of the Roman Empire. This execution had no security walls, no painless injections, or high voltage rapid currents, to ease the suffering.  There were  no ‘mercy codes’ to be followed by the executioners.
Jesus, known to many of that day as Messiah, Christ, Rabbi, Master, and Teacher, was presented before a large crowd of blood thirsty people, excited to witness anguish, and death.
Scripture states that Jesus was tortured, His body ripped apart by the slashing motions of a whip constructed of nine to twelve cords with sharp bones attached to the ends, known as a flagellum. This was followed by the placing of a crown upon His Head made by the twisting of a vine having one to two inch thorns. This coronation of our King was accompanied by the most vile of taunting, ridicule, and mockery that the society could intone in unison. As the procession continued a beam of timber was given to Jesus to carry through the streets, and up a centrally located hill known as ‘The Skull’. This timber, a piece of Creation, was then the device to which Jesus’ wrists, and ankles were attached by the use of nails/spikes that a carpenter would have used.
Upright before the people of the day, Jesus’ breathing exhausted His strength till the ability to live waned and gave way to the eventual finality.
This torture and torment lasted for three hours, till, in willing surrender Jesus gave His Life to the Creator. This was done purposefully so that the misalignment of mankind with the Creator  ould be corrected. This was done so that the Love, the Favor, and the Merciful Forgiveness of an Absolutely Pure God could conquer evil and be experienced by His people.
Following Jesus' crucifixion the body of Jesus was than placed into a cave, then secured with a large rock at its entrance. To add in protecting the society from further rumor and suspicion, a Roman Guard was placed at the cave. For three days a vigil of military might,  depression, and despair continued.
Was this the end of the Person known as: The Son of Man, Messiah, Rabbi, Master, and Christ ?
The answer to this question can be only found by the personal reading of Ancient Writings, known as ‘Gospel’ titled:          Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John.
                                                                  The End, or Just The Beginning !!!!
                                                                                 Br. Phil Bara

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