Every year in June there is a celebration day set aside for Fathers. Perhaps so that we guys would not feel left out because of the day in May known as Mothers Day.   When we say the word father what comes to mind? For the most of us it is the figure of a strong, brave, supportive, defending, and authoritative male.
      Many of us had fathers who carried these characteristics. To those that had no father or male figure in their lives with these characteristics, be comforted by the fact that there is One Who has these, plus much more. I remember on many an occasion competing with my father in many different ways as I was growing.  I did it while always realizing that my dad was either more experienced in the area, or that I needed to learn more about how to play the game.
     My Father was a strong, supportive, and authoritative gentleman with the ‘old Northern European’ ways.  I can remember some of the quality sayings that he taught me; “That what I have said I will do.” is one that personally I am still attempting to discipline myself with. Another that comes to my mind is “Actions speak louder than words.” Along with this one is the one that put the reverence of Life into me; “Obey, what I say, or you will pay.” This one, and my behavior, resulted in his placing a heavily calloused hand on the section of my body I sit on.
    As I was reflecting about Fathers day a Scripture came to my mind. The verse is found in Romans chapter 8 verse 15, where we read that the Holy Spirit dwelling within our Hearts causes us to be adopted children of God, the Creator, calls out ‘Abba’ Father! This confirms the fact that we have as our Father, the Creator of the Entire Universe!! The prayer found in Mathew chapter 6, taught by our Lord Jesus Christ to His disciples, and also to us who believe in Jesus, also states the important fact that our Father is in Heaven, meaning that God is our Father.
   Our Earthly fathers are limited to the characteristics of strength, courage, support, defending abilities, and authority. Our Heavenly Father is limitless in these characteristics even to the magnitude known as ‘Omni’ which means more than enough, beyond comprehension, and everlasting. Omni also is not measureable, beyond description.
   As we ponder the beauty of creation that surrounds us, let’s look beyond all of this and perceive our Father, the One, Who, because of His Love for us created the many manifestations of all that we see surrounding us. As our earthly fathers have given us directions for us to follow so that we may grow, so Our Heavenly Father has also given us directions so that we may grow into being the sons and daughters of His Family. The scriptures, the teachings of our Apostolic Catholic Church, and the Guidance of the Holy Spirit within our Hearts, are where we find the ‘Directions’ which we are to follow. These ‘Directions’ are the steps that guide us to the Everlasting Loving and Arms of our Heavenly Poppa, Daddy.
   With a contemplative Heart on this ‘Fathers Day’ let’s really reach out to one another as brothers and sisters, and together let’s say: Our Father, we Love You, and we Thank You!!! Happy Fathers Day!!!
Br. Phil Bara

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