Isaiah 6:8--- Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send ? Who will go for us ?”  I said, “ Here I am. Send me!”
New International Version (NIV)
The question that lingers, and has lingered for many ages is  “ Who will go?”  This question has presently awakened many, yet there are many who still wait on the sidelines for others to take the necessary actions.  We see that the areas of social growth are still based on the many moral half truths, recreational titillations, and the soothing of ‘itching ears’.
The Scripture Isaiah 6:8, was written over a thousand years ago. The Truth of the verse is still very much as effective today as then. When we prepare ourselves with the fullness of the Word of God, we amaze the listeners to a point that the facts are gathered like ripe grapes, and put to productive use.  The amazement is not always positive.  Some take the grapes and  tread angrily on them because the taste is too difficult to savor.
In my answer to the important question concerning going, I refer to the response that Isaiah gave above. The one’s who will go, are the few, who diligently study, discipline themselves to the point of limitation, and prepare their entire selves for the mission. Future society will only listen to the
teachers, guides, and ministers, who are prepared to convey the ‘Truth, Reality, and the Wisdom’ that has been experienced, and proven.  The cost of this evolution with ‘mankind’ still is paid for with the determination, sweat, tears, and blood, of the *True Students and Disciples* of today .
So in ending this I also ask “ Who will go ?”
Br. Phil Bara

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