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Dear Parish World,

My name is Joe Hermann. I reside in the state of Virginia and I'm doing a paper on religion. I was always fascinated withthe Catholic religion, infact I was considering communicating to your religion, but I ran into a stubborn obstacle. I'll let you come to your own conclusions on that problem.

I just have a few questions, what version of the bible do you study? What is your substitute for our deacons? Why is thevirgin Mary worshipped as much as Jesus? Your holy water, is it replaced daily? When is your time of confession, what day of the week and the correct term of this procedure? There are many more questions I have but I'll stop here.

If I have asked of any information that has disrespected your faith, please acccept my apologies, this was not my intentions and my utmost respect for the Catholic faith.

Thank you all concerned for you consideration. GOD bless everyone.


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Paul Dion, STL, Theology Editor said...

Mr. Herrmann:

Here is the Catholic position on the topics you mention.

[1] The Catholic Church officially does not have a universal version of the Bible that it studies. Here in the United States, the official Church uses the New American Bible.for its public Bible readings. Singular Catholics are not held to a specific version of the Bible for their personal use. The only difference that Catholics look for is that the Bible [no matter which version] has been authorized by the Bishops of the Church. That is because the Catholic Bible has 72 books as against 66 in the Protestant versions. Most official documents of the Catholic Church quote the latest edition of the Vulgate (the Bible as originally translated in Latin by St. Jerome).

[2] The Catholic Church has deacons. The deacons in the Catholic Church are a grade of clergy just below the "rank" of priest. Their existence finds its source in the Acts of the Apostles, chapter 6, verses 1 and following. A deacon in the Catholic Church is an ordained man (women are not eligible) who can be married at the time of ordination.

[3] The Virgin Mary is not worshipped in the Catholic Church. She is honored at a level of prayer that is higher than the other saints because she is the mother of Jesus. Catholics know that prayer is offered to God through Mary (and other saints) not at the level of worship (adoration) but at a level of intercession. Catholics venerate the Virgin Mary because she was sinless from her conception and remained sinless throughout her life until she was assumed directly into heaven.

[4] A new quantity of water can be blessed every day, but that is only needed if it runs out.

[5] Confession in most churches is made available on Saturday afternoon. Usually at around 4 PM and 7 PM. This sacramental prayer is not however tied to a fixed schedule as it is a sacrament of rescue of the soul from a bad moral situation. This sacrament is known by a few names, Penance, Reconciliation, Confession are the best known and the most used.

These are short answers to your questions. There are several official sources available for you if you wish. However, if you prefer to continue this conversation and use as your source, I invite you to make yourself at home.

Paul Dion
Theology Editor